Hispanic Studies

Hispanic Studies Graduate Berta García Faet Wins Prestigious Premio Nacional de Poesía Joven Miguel Hernández 2018

Berta García Faet, a 4th year doctoral candidate in the Department of Hispanic Studies, is the 2018 recipient of El Premio Nacional de Poesía Joven Miguel Hernández, one of Spain's most prestigious literary prizes, for her book Los salmos fosforitos. Given by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the prize comes with an award of 20,000 euros.

Faet, who has published seven volumes of poetry, stated: "This prize means a lot to me. It connects me to my country, my people, and to the books and authors I love and that inspire me. I admire all the poets who have won it before me, and I've been dreaming for years now to be part of this story. It's a recognition that has a political importance as well, since historically speaking literature and culture have not been very much supported in Spain, but in the last years the Premios Nacionales (National Prizes) have changed the trend. And last but not least, this prize bears the name "Miguel Hernández", my father's favorite poet, whose "Nanas de la cebolla" we've read together, and talked about, many times.".

Faet is writing her dissertation on "Poéticas de la niñería. Fantasía y cursilería en la poesía latinoamericana e ibérica contemporánea".

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