Hispanic Studies

La Pluma Writing Center

The objective of the center is to help students with their writing assignments with an emphasis on individual needs depending on the kind of assignment and the proficiency level of the student.

The La Pluma Writing Center provides confidential support to advanced students of Spanish. Only students registered in courses from HISP 0650 and above are welcome to take advantage of this service.

Meeting hours will be offered by appointment only. All appointments will be conducted via Zoom. If you are unable to attend your meeting, please let the tutor know as soon as possible so that your appointment slot can be used by another student.

Students should submit a copy (by attachment) of their assignment to La Pluma two days before the scheduled meeting. You should attend your appointment with the assignment instructions and a draft of your essay/piece of writing ready to share on the Zoom screen. Observations will be given on grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, structure, tense, and stylistic features. Meetings will last 30 minutes.

It is highly recommended that appointments be made a week or two ahead of time, depending on the assignment deadline. Please review your syllabus to confirm due dates for the written assignments. At the end of each appointment you will be asked to fill out an anonymous survey about the assistance provided. These surveys will be used to measure the effectiveness and importance of the Writing Center as well as to make improvements to this service in the future.

To make an appointment and send your assignment, please contact La Pluma director James Langan directly at james_langan@brown.edu