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Insurrectas Exhibición Digital 2022

Artistic Digital Exhibition Insurrectas

The Department of Hispanic Studies is pleased to present “Insurrectas,” an exhibition that collects the artistic outcome of the seminar “Insurrectas: Latinx and Latin American Women Writers and Artists” (Spring 2022). Participants: Michelle Alas Molina, Lena Cohen, Zina Dolan, Brianna Bridges, Sarah Packer, Tierra Peguero, Jenna Cooley, and Astrid McMahon.
The Department of Hispanic Studies is thrilled to announce that on July 14th Brown was named the inaugural University of the Year by the Spanish cultural project Archiletras for our department's "excelencia y su enfoque transatlántico e interdisciplinario de las literaturas y culturas de España y América Latina. Congratulations to our amazing faculty, students, and staff.